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Laterza banner-04.png
Laterza banner-04.png
Laterza banner-04.png

Laterza is an artisan coffee roastery based in the city of Cincinnati. I had the opportunity to create a brand identity for them. The people at La Terza work hard to produce coffee where every sip is memorable. La Terza also strives for equitable treatment of coffee farmers as coffee manufacturing is still largely powered by slave labor, human trafficking, and unjustifiably low wages and working conditions. 


Inspired by their story, and their passion, I wanted to represent their mission to produce good quality coffee and fair trade equally. While doing research I discovered that Italian towns and cities all have a coat of arms (crest) that represent them; each are beautifully rendered, and full of symbolism. The logo acts as La Terza's crest taking visual inspiration from the compass and the stars of the night sky. The compass represents guidance, and the night sky full of stars represents hope for a better tomorrow.  



laterza logo-01.png
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