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                                  ,my name is Stephen Smith, and I’m currently working towards my BFA in Fine Arts at the University of Cincinnati’s School of Design Architecture Art and Planning (DAAP). 


I have always been fascinated with visual imagery, fueled by my vivid imagination. My initial visual storytelling pieces were inwardly focused on my perspective of the world around me. However, as I matured and began to understand the nuances of human interaction; I broadened my visual narrative and storytelling to include more socio-political perspectives. This pivot in my work has allowed me to amplify the voices of oppressed groups and create social commentary utilizing various artistic mediums. 

My work in the area of fine art has facilitated opportunities within the area of graphic design and while these two disciplines; fine art and graphic design present differently, each is art. As a creative, I seek to reimagine the traditional in moving between mediums and disciplines. I am about the conversation and my art is about creating the space and place to discuss different narratives. 


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