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Black in America (BIA) is inspired by the social justice movement of 2020 following the death or George Floyd, Brianna Taylor and many others. BIA also focuses on introducing black people in a way that personifies how we feel about ourselves as multifaceted individuals in spite of how we are generally perceived, we are intelligent, and creative human beings. BIA features the grey scale but the most prominent colors are black and white. Inspired by the saying "something isn't black and white" as the issue of racism is a very complex multigenerational issue. Sadly when we have these conversations they can be oversimplified and turned into black and white scenarios without truly investing the time to truly digest what's happening. With racism there are two major subconscious or even conscious beliefs regarding the inherent nature of black people, there is the thought process that believes that we are bad and actively sees us as such, while there is simultaneously a thought process that doesn't see us as good without necessarily villainizing us.

With BIA I wanted to combine the visual concept of bold and graceful, with the "black" side I focus on what we need, and what we want to say; with the white version i focus on who we are, and how we should be perceived. 

I wanted to tie the concept of duality within my logo so I tied an apostrophe and an exclamation mark together. Apostrophes are used to reflect ownership, I want black people to truly own who they are and for everyone to be in agreement. With the exclamation point I want to shed light on the urgency regarding these issues. 

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